Helping you shape your living and working spaces with Environmental Psychology!

Making healthy and happy spaces designed for your needs!


We are passionate about our planet and sustainability matters to us. We promote practical Sustainable and Healthy Living. We work with the psychological factors involved in designing a space as well as the physical aspects usually considered by other architects and interior designers.

To help people and cities to resolve some of their health issues by design (where applicable) applying environmental psychology and sustainable approahces.

We are here to help you!

To identify the environmental and design issues of your place and assist you to change or redesign it with a scientific approach of environmental psychology, customized for your needs!

   Your health and wellbeing matters!

  Scientific experiments in environmental psychology prove that the

  environmental characteristics of a space can affect individuals at three

  different levels:


  At a psychological level:

  Stress, distraction, lack of attention, aggression, mental fatigue, depression,

  negative emotions

  At a physiological level:

  High heart rate, high blood pressure, shortness of breath


  At a social level:

  Decreased self-attachment and sense of belonging, as well as decreased

  effectiveness in professional interactions and an increase in feelings of being

  under threat and lacking control.




Affordable consulting and design packages for your home and office to create.



Whether you want to improve your building envelope and renovate a building or simply want to reshape your space so it suits your needs, we are here to offer you our scientific research-based recommendations to ensure your space is healthy and makes you happy.


Our design is based and informed by two main pricinples, environmental psychology and Eco-friendly design such as zero-carbon buildings and Passive House. Please see our design packages.


Education can make a difference. That is the reason we are happy to share our unique expertise with you by providing online classes, seminars and workshops. Please check out our courses below.

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Consulting & Design Packages

Ask the Expert Package: Consulting on personal residential and work spaces :Distant communication and online consultation on Fb or Skype

Basic Problem Solving Package: Consulting on residential, educational and work spaces: Site view, data collection, data analysis, written design solutions

Consulting & Design Package: Consulting on residential, educational and work spaces : Site view, survey and environmental measure, data collection, data analysis, sketched designs or detailed maps

Design & Action Package: Consulting on residential, educational and work spaces, & neighborhood spaces : Site view, survey and environmental measures, data collection, data analysis, sketched designs, reports, maps

Healthy Buildings cnsultaiton: If you are not sure whether your home, your work space or other spaces you spend most of your times in it are healthy enough, you can ask us to come and check it for you. Services: site view, environmental measures and a list of action to decrease environmental pollutions from your space/

Minimalism Consultation & Interior Design Package: Consulting on residential, and work spaces from Modern and Minimalism perspective : Site view, data collection, architectural or interior design

Eco-Tech Consultation & Design Package,inclduing Solar Passive buildings and PassiveHouse buildings: Consulting on residential, educational and work spaces from sustainable and environmentally-friendly perspective : Site view, data collection, environmental measures, Architectural  or urban design

Are you planning to retrofit your building to make it energy-efficient? Do you want to remodel, renovate or repurpose an existing place? This is the best time (cost-effective)to improve your building envelope. Get a consult from us to learn about the possibilities. We can help you to increase durability, livability and sustainability of your building plus decreasing your utility bills.

Urban Consultation & Design: Consulting on sustainable development, resiliency and smartness of communities and neighborhoods: Site view, data collections, solutions, proporsal and  design

Educational Packages

A 12-week course (36hrs) /CAD 9000 per course,

for a class of 6 individuals each CAD1500 includes

- Lectures

- Presentation files + Extra resources

- Studios and corrections

- Certificate

5% discount for educational organizations and institutes 11% discount for students


3-hours courses / Each 900 CAD per course For a class of 6 individuals each CAD150 includes:

- Lectures

- Presentation files

- Studios and corrections

5% discount for educational organizations and institutes 11% discount for students


1-hours courses / Each 300 CAD per course For a class of 6 individuals each CAD 50 includes Lectures & presentation files

5% discount for educational organizations and institutes 11% discount for students


Learn online in EnDesign School.

Climate Change and Urban Challenges is now available online. 


Instructional Design for Online Teaching


Dr. Negin Minaei





- Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Geography and Urban Planning

- Adjunct Lecturer at the Engineering Organization teaching Zero-Carbon and Zero-Energy Buildings, Smart and Sustainable Architecture

- Certified Consultant for Urbanism and Urban Planning Projects

- Architectural Engineer, Urban Designer, Environmental Psychologist

- Consultant, Solar Passive Buildings


- Sessional Lecturer at the Urban Studies Program teaching 'Qualitative Research Methods in urban Studies', University of Toronto, Toronto

- Sessional Lecturer at the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University(Toronto Metropolitan University) teaching 'Sustainable Buildings', Toronto

- Visiting Scholar at the CITY Institute at the York University researching & authoring the 'Smart Cities' book, Toronto

- Member of Passive House Canada

- Research Associate and Sessional Lecturor at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor, Canada

- Academician of the Academy of Urbanism, London, UK since 2014

- Research Associate and Post-doctoral Researcher in Sustainable Transportation and Urbanism, RAU, UK

- Tenure-track Full-time Faculty member at the IAUK

- PhD in Urbanism(Urban Design-Plannig)

- MArch in Architectural Engineering

- MSc in Environmental Psychology

- PG in Transnational Spaces

As an architect, environmental psychologist and urban designer, Negin Minaei is well aware of the different ways in which design can affect people’s lives. She is also well placed to take advantage of the latest scientific research in the psychological, physiological and social dimensions of design practice, having taught sustainable architecture and design as a senior lecturer at universities since 2000. For more information on my teaching experience, see my wordpress website.

She believes that science-based design methods can help improve people’s quality of life and that well-designed built environments can lead the way towards healthier and more sustainable communities.

She was selected as an Academician of the Academy of Urbanism in UK and have been a member since July 2014. She was in the AoU's Spotlight.

Negin designed a course called 'Sustainable Smart Cities' and taught that for 2years to the MEng students at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor, taught Sustainble Buildings at the Chang School of Continuing Education at the Toronto Metropolitan University (Former Ryerson) and Qualitative Research Methods to Urban Studies Department at the University of Toronto. She has published a Book called Smart Cities which was recommended by the Syllabus and Good Reads and was recognized as one of teh top ten best books on Smart Cities. It's now available on the platform with their logos at the left.

Dr. Monika Codourey (-Wisniewska)

- Member of Advisory Board and Consultant in Design of Future Environments, Switzerland

- Research Associate at Zurich University of the Arts Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts

- PhD in Mobile Work-Hybrid Spaces

- MArch in Architecture

- PG in Transnational Spaces

Monika has a wide range of experience working for architectural practices in an international context. She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of British Columbia in Canada and pursued her postgraduate studies in the field of Information Architecture at Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and the School of Arts and Design in Basel. She has also participated in VI Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau in Germany. She is registered as an architect in Warsaw/Poland and Berlin/Germany. Her recent work focusses on the changing structures of the contemporary city.


Past Projects:

1-Offering consultation to SSG Architecture Inc. on post-COVID design of a univeristy campus in Southern Ontario.

2- Feasibility study of rebuilding versus renovation of a religious building in Toronto

Urban Research & Consulting

In summer 2017, Negin Minaei from EnDesign, Tina Gatt from CAS, Shelbey Pillon from the Community Living and Borislav Jovic from Family services created a team to work on the issues of regional transport in Windsro Essex county.

We attended the Social Innovation Windsor Essex event and could won the challenge. We were offered a fund to establish a local start-up to address the existing issues and provide solutions.

We are called 'Let's Get Moving'.

Space Consultation and Design


We evaluate your space scientifically in order to offer design solutions that meet your needs. Depending on your requirements, we can look at how to improve a space’s aesthetic appearance, optimize its usability or reduce its energy consumption. We can even look at how a space could be better suited to your particular personality. In doing so, we aim to help increase your comfort, concentration and wellbeing.

If you wish to take advantage of our full service, we can also supervise the implementation of the changes to your space.



Community Awareness Projects: Public Speaking, Talks, Seminars,and Training workshops 

We can deliver talks,seminars and workshops at different levels at your host institute including univerisities, educational institutes, governmental and non-governmental organizations and public/private firms. The aim is to transfer the latest knowledge of research discoveries to practitioners and educate public.Knowledge is power. Please see oure educational services including workshops, seminars and courses under courses. Virtual presentations is also possible.

Awareness Talk  on  7 Talks on Sustainable Cities

EnDesign in collaboration with the University of Windsor, Faculty of Engineering has organized a series of talks on Sustainable Smart Citie and good urbanism to raise awareness on cities’ challenges, sustainability, and resiliency  as a necessity for cities and possible solutions that should be employed now to prevent future problems. Speakers are academicians, professionals, and activists in the relevant fields. Visit the Event page for the detailed list of talks.

Visit News and Event page.Some resources of the 7 Talks are available in Resource page.