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To identify the environmental and design issues of your place and assist you to change or redesign it with a scientific approach of environmental psychology, customized for your needs!

   Your health and wellbeing matters!

  Scientific experiments in environmental psychology prove that the

  environmental characteristics of a space can affect individuals at three

  different levels:


  At a psychological level:

  Stress, distraction, lack of attention, aggression, mental fatigue, depression,

  negative emotions

  At a physiological level:

  High heart rate, high blood pressure, shortness of breath


  At a social level:

  Decreased self-attachment and sense of belonging, as well as decreased

  effectiveness in professional interactions and an increase in feelings of being

  under threat and lacking control.

Indoor quality and pollutions
NO2 & Benzene
#1.Indoor Pollutants COVID&wildfires
Sick building Syndrome sypmtoms
Sick building Syndrome causes
#1.outdoor Pollutants




Affordable consulting and design packages for your home and office to create.



Whether you want to improve your building envelope and renovate a building or simply want to reshape your space so it suits your needs, we are here to offer you our scientific research-based recommendations to ensure your space is healthy and makes you happy.


Our design is based and informed by two main pricinples, environmental psychology and Eco-friendly design such as zero-carbon buildings and Passive House. Please see our design packages.


Education can make a difference. That is the reason we are happy to share our unique expertise with you by providing online classes, seminars and workshops. Please check out our courses below.

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EnDesign Launched a new initiative: #Insightful_Book_Series

To fulfill our mission EnDesign introduces life changing #books which can impact your #health, #well_being and your #quality_of_life

These books shed light on possible questions you may have about your emotions and feelings in different spaces and places. They bring scientific evidence and explain how your body reacts to the surrounding environment. After all, #education can make a difference!

Each month one book is introduced and at the end of the month, there will be a discussion event if enough people find the book and can read it on time.