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Seeking Volunteers to confidentially share their experience of living in a basement for a scientific study on healthy housing.

Indoor quality and pollutions
NO2 & Benzene
#1.Indoor Pollutants COVID&wildfires
Sick building Syndrome sypmtoms
Sick building Syndrome causes
#1.outdoor Pollutants

Pleased to inform you that Dr. Minaei's new chapter is out.

Chapter 9: Self-sustaining Urbanization and Self-sufficient Cities in the Era of Climate Change,

Environmental Management of Air, Water, Agriculture and Energy

© 2020 – Routledge

It is available on Routledge(Taylor & Francis Group) website .

Ream my latest publication here:

Chapter 3: A Critical Review of Urban Energy Solutions and Practices in

Sustainable Engineering for Life Tomorrow / 2021 – Lexington Books

It is available on Rowan & Littlefield website.

Active Transport and Mind Maps

Thank you every one who visited us today in the #OpenStreetsTo and did the short fun mind map activity. You can find the full paper explaining the associations here:

Do modes of transportation and GPS affect cognitive maps of Londoners?

Or watch a brief video explainig the study here or on your browser to learn about the research in less than 4 minutes.

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To fulfill our mission and to raise awareness among citizens, EnDesign now introduces nine (3-hrs) courses and three (12 weeks) courses to educate the public. All these courses were designed by Dr. Negin Minaei and she has taught them to Masters and PhD students in urban/architecture and engineering programmes in different countries including Iran, China, UK and Canada for the past decade.

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EnDesign Launches a new initiative: #Insightful_Book_Series

To fulfill our mission EnDesign introduces life changing #books which can impact your #health, #well_being and your #quality_of_life

These books shed light on possible questions you may have about your emotions and feelings in different spaces and places. They bring scientific evidence and explain how your body reacts to the surrounding environment.

After all, #education can make a difference!

Each month one book is introduced and at the end of the month, there will be a discussion event if enough people find the book and can read it on time.

EnDesign Insightful Book Series 10
EnDesign Insightful Book Series 11
EnDesign Insightful Book Series 12

Environmental Psycholog, The Science of Healthy Spaces

Dr. Negin Minaei

Dr. Negin Minaei is an environmental psychologist who graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of Surrey in the UK in 2012.

She speaks about the science of 'Environmental Psychology' and some

real-world projects. She explains how it can directly impact the quality of your life and improve your health and well being.

Education can make a difference | Dr. Negin Minaei AoU

UN-HABITAT identified urban growth as one of the main factors that contributes to climate change. Since nearly 75% of the world population will live in cities by 2050, this increasing population in urban environments will amplify the impacts of climate change on our cities and our planet unless we take proper actions without any delay. Read more on the Academy of Urbanism's Spotlight

Pleased to inform you that our new book is out.

Smart Urban Regeneration

Visions, Institutions and Mechanisms for Real Estate

© 2018 – Routledge

The role of real estate in our cities is crucial to building sustainable and resilient urban futures. Smart Urban Regeneration brings together institutional, planning and real estate insights into an innovative regeneration framework for academics, students and property professionals. Read more at the links below.

It's now available on both on Routledge(Taylor & Francis Group) website and on Amazon

Want to know about 'Urban Conscioussness', read chapter 4 on  'Place and community consciousness'