Current Projects:

1-Offering consultation to SSG Architecture Inc. on post-COVID design of a univeristy campus in Southern Ontario.

2- Feasibility study of rebuilding versus renovation of a religious building in Toronto

Past Projects

Space Consultation and Design


We evaluate your space scientifically in order to offer design solutions that meet your needs. Depending on your requirements, we can look at how to improve a space’s aesthetic appearance, optimize its usability or reduce its energy consumption. We can even look at how a space could be better suited to your particular personality. In doing so, we aim to help increase your comfort, concentration and wellbeing.

If you wish to take advantage of our full service, we can also supervise the implementation of the changes to your space.



A Social Design of two offices For the School of Real Estate and Land Management, Royal Agricultural Univeristy,

Cirencester, UK  / Nov 2012- Nov 2013, By: Negin Minaei


  The Administrative Team's Office
















        Before (Nov 2012)                         After (Nov 2013)                    After (Sep 2014)


















                               Ms. Sue Roffe and Ms. Sue Smith: "Negin transformed our office space

                                     from a messy jumble to a streamlined office which was much more pleasant

                                     to work in. The whole area was easier to manage and the colour scheme                                                 fitted very well into the space. She even created an informal space for

                                    visitors which had not previously been available. The whole make over helped to

                                    create a healthy and efficient environment.  We were very pleased with the outcome."



                                                                                                 The Dean's Office











This social design was the result of collaboration between the designer and the staff through interviews and observation within two years.

- Closing multiple doors to these spaces and designing two main entrances both for the dean's and administrative offices from inside and outside.

- Change of flooring from old carpets to new healthy and comfortable ones for the staff (carpet) and

- Improvement in indoor lighting

- Reorganization of the office spaces and designing new spaces such as a visitor space, a waiting space

- Replacing some of the existing furniture with functional ones such as book cases and storage spaces 

To see the whole process, click on the PDF file .



Research Project funded by 'Social Enterprise and Innovation Award' won by Negin Minaei and was provided by HEFCE, UnLtd. and RAU on Longitudinal Study on the Relationship of Workspaces and Wellbeing (Case Study of a University in UK)


In this project, our customers were7 university lecturers who were not happy with their workspaces. We worked with them and studied their workspace from environmental psychology perspective. We provided a report explaining their level of stress, social anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. We offered design solutions and suggest them how to overcome the problem.

A paper was written based on our study and was published in the OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 7, No. 7, pp. 49-64, 2014.

Nov 2013- Sep 2014

By: Negin Minaei

Dr. Ali Parsa, the dean: "Negin did an excellent job transforming the Dean's office and School Admin office to a slick, efficient and modern workspace and at substantially reduced cost."

Urban Research & Consulting

In summer 2017, Negin Minaei from EnDesign, Tina Gatt from CAS, Shelbey Pillon from the Community Living and Borislav Jovic from Family services created a team to work on the issues of regional transport in Windsro Essex county.

We attended the Social Innovation Windsor Essex event and could won the challenge. We were offered a fund to establish a local start-up to address the existing issues and provide solutions.

We are called 'Let's Get Moving'.

Community Awareness Projects: Public Speaking, Talks, Seminars,and Training workshops 

We can deliver talks,seminars and workshops at different levels at your host institute including univerisities, educational institutes, governmental and non-governmental organizations and public/private firms. The aim is to transfer the latest knowledge of research discoveries to practitioners and educate public.Knowledge is power. Please see oure educational services including workshops, seminars and courses under courses. Virtual presentations is also possible.

Awareness Talk  on  7 Talks on Sustainable Cities

EnDesign in collaboration with the University of Windsor, Faculty of Engineering has organized a series of talks on Sustainable Smart Citie and good urbanism to raise awareness on cities’ challenges, sustainability, and resiliency  as a necessity for cities and possible solutions that should be employed now to prevent future problems. Speakers are academicians, professionals, and activists in the relevant fields. Visit the Event page for the detailed list of talks.

Visit News and Event page.Some resources of the 7 Talks are available in Resource page.

Testimonials: Philippa Von Ziegenweidt, A Windsor Resident

"I attended most of the "Sustainable Cities" seminars held in Windsor and felt they were extremely informative. The session on how the various sources of energy in Ontario are managed was particularly eye-opening."

Testimonials: David Hanna, A Windsor Resident

"I attended many of EnDesign's 'Sustainable Cities' seminar series at the University of Windsor. I found them to be very positive in creating dialogue and particularly informative to the layman. A interesting assortment of talented speakers and topics. Something that Windsor needs much more of. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next series. attended many of EnDesign 'Sustainable Cities' seminars at the University of Windsor. I found them very positive in creating dialogue and particularly informative to the layman. An interesting assortment of talented speakers and something that Windsor needs so much more of. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next series!

An Introduction to Smart Cities

Dr. Minaei was invited to speak about smart cities by IEEE at the University of Windsor, Student branch. The talk was held on 1st August and recieved a positive feedback from attendees.

Testimonials: Connor Sousa, IEEE University of Windsor Student Branch webmaster

" Dr. Minaei’s presentation was an inspiring one, showing the audience that we have the tools to develop techniques that could bring the city of Windsor into the domain of a Smart City. Some of her M.Eng students have even developed low-cost products that improve the quality of drinking water, a major issue in sustainable development. The IEEE student group thanks Dr. Minaei for her thought provoking presentation, and I’m certain some of us from the audience have already began brainstorming ideas to bring Windsor and hopefully the rest of the world closer to sustainable development.

Awareness Talk  on The Science of Environmental Psychology & Real World Projects for Live Green Toronto, and University of Windsor

Toronto, Canada / Sep 2015

By: Negin Minaei

 Awareness Talk  on Consciousness and the City: How the Mind Experiences the Built Environment’ (talk and workshop) invited by Youth Section, UK  Stroud, UK / March 2015/ By: Negin Minaei

Testimonials: Dr. Rowan Middleton /The event organizer/ Youth Section, UK

" Negin led an excellent session on the interactions between self and environment, focusing the beneficial effects on our

memory and wellbeing that can be achieved through positive interaction with our  environment. The session was an innovative

combination of a presentation and artistic activities. The presentational element was thought-provoking and illustrated with well-chosen examples, encouraging the audience to see  the topic from new and interesting angles. The artistic activities were a great way for participants to draw on their own experiences in order to deepen their understanding of the topic. The activities were well-designed, so that no previous artistic experience was necessary to participate. I wouldn’t  hesitate to recommend Negin;  she was great at engaging with the group and used her expertise to explore the topic in a stimulating and accessible way.

Testimonials: Cathy Greenwell, A Windsor Resident

"EnDesign prepares and presents revealing "truths" on what it takes to create healthy spaces for all. Encompassing, thorough, refreshing leads on where we have been and where we need to go. Highly recommend, genius is in the details."

Intervention and social design

Have you noticed a social problem in your work area, neighborhood or your city? Problems such as lack of social cohesion or trust in your environment or community? We are able to study that and find the reasons. In addition, we can propose solutions to help improving the situation.We have experiences of working in different scales, national, regional and local projects in different countries from housing to regeneration and impact assessment in areas related to the built environment and human interactions.This could be a refurbishment of a household to make it user-friendly or environmentally-friendly or desiging social interactions in a neighbourhood

An Intervention Event funded by the Human Resource of the Royal Agricultural University

Location:  Cirencester, United Kingdom

November 2013