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"New research using the term "social design" is difficult to find. However, “evidence-based design” has become a popular way to link planning and design research with user attitudes and behaviors. Like social design, the intention of evidence-based design is to improve architectural and human outcome measures (e.g., thermal efficiency, worker productivity, occupant satisfaction, and stress reduction)."1

"Social design is working with people rather than for them; involving people in the planning and management of the spaces around them; educating them to use the environment wisely and creatively to achieve a harmonious balance between the social, physical, and natural environment; to develop an awareness of beauty, a sense of responsibility, to the earth’s environment and to other living creatures; to generate, compile, and make available information about the effects of human activities on the biotic and physical environment, including the effects of the built environment upon human beings. Social designers cannot achieve these objectives working by themselves. The goals can be realized only within the structures of larger organizations, which include the people for whom a given project is planned.2

1. McCunn, L. J.(2012).The Status of Social Design in Environmental Psychology.Psychology Today.

2. Sommer, R.(1983). Creating Buildings with People in Mind. Eaglewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall




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These books shed light on possible questions you may have about your emotions and feelings in different spaces and places. They bring scientific evidence and explain how your body reacts to the surrounding environment.


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Each month one book is introduced and at the end of the month, there will be a discussion event if enough people find the book and can read it on time.



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