Our Mission!

We are passionate about our planet and sustainability matters to us. We promote practical Sustainable and Healthy Living. We work with the psychological factors involved in designing a space as well as the physical aspects usually considered by other architects and interior designers.

To help people and cities to resolve some of their health issues by design (where applicable) applying environmental psychology and sustainable approahces.

We apply science-based design methods to improve the quality of work and residential spaces, thereby increasing levels of health, well-being and social cohesion.

EnDesign  is a Toronto based social enterprise with a staff of international design professionals and academics and runs by volunteers. Our aim is to combine design and scientific research to deliver healthy and environmentally-friendly architectural and urban planning/design. We provide educational, and consulting services for individuals, businesses, communities and architectural firms to improve the quality of their environments by applying evidence-based design approaches.

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A 12-week course (36hrs) /CAD 9000 per course,

for a class of 6 individuals each CAD1500 includes

- Lectures

- Presentation files + Extra resources

- Studios and corrections

- Certificate

5% discount for educational organizations and institutes

11% discount for students


3-hours courses / Each 900 CAD per course For a class of 6 individuals each CAD150 includes:

- Lectures

- Presentation files

- Studios and corrections

5% discount for educational organizations and institutes

11% discount for students


1-hours courses / Each 300 CAD per course For a class of 6 individuals each CAD 50 includes Lectures & presentation files

5% discount for educational organizations and institutes

11% discount for students


Promote awareness of the links between people’s psychological and physiological state in relation to their environment, climate change, sustainable development, and different types of cities. We believe

 “ Education can make a difference”.

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Our Friends

                                                                         Dr. Negin  Minaei

                                                                         Founder & Director



                                                      -Visiting Scholar at the CITY Institute at                                                              York University, Toronto

                                                      -Architectural Engineer, Urban Designer                                                                       Environmental Psychologist

                                                       -Consultant, Solar Passive Buildings

                                                       -Member of Passive House Canada

                                                      - Research Associate and Sessional                 

                                                        Lecturor at the Faculty of Engineering                                                                        University of Windsor, Canada

                                                      - Researching and Teaching

                                                        Sustainable Smart Cities

                                                      - Academician of the Academy of

                                                        Urbanism, London, UK since 2014

                                                      - Post-doctoral Research in Sustainable

                                                        Transportation and Urbanism,UK

                                                      - PhD in Urbanism(Urban Design-Plannig)

                                                      - MArch in Architectural Engineering

                                                      - MSc in Environmental Psychology

                                                      - PG in Transnational Spaces

As an architect, environmental psychologist and urban designer, Negin Minaei is well aware of the different ways in which design can affect people’s lives. She is also well placed to take advantage of the latest scientific research in the psychological, physiological and social dimensions of design practice, having taught sustainable architecture and design as a senior lecturer at universities since 2000. For more information on my teaching experience, see my wordpress website.

She believes that science-based design methods can help improve people’s quality of life and that well-designed built environments can lead the way towards healthier and more sustainable communities.

She was selected as an Academician of the Academy of Urbanism in UK and have been a member since July 2014. She was in the AoU's Spotlight.  

Negin designed a course called 'sustainable smart cities' and have taught that for 2years to the MEng students at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Windsor and now openning her course to other institue and students in Engineering, Architecture and Urban related courses.

About Us




Dr. Monika Codourey (-Wisniewska)


Member of Advisory Board

and Consultant in Design of

Future Environments,



 -  Research Associate at Zurich University of the Arts  Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts

-   PhD in  Mobile Work-Hybrid Spaces

 -  MArch in Architecture

 -  PG in Transnational Spaces


Monika has a wide range of experience working for architectural practices in an international context. She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of British Columbia in Canada and pursued her postgraduate studies in the field of Information Architecture at Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and the School of Arts and Design in Basel. She has also participated in VI Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau in Germany. She is registered as an architect in Warsaw/Poland and Berlin/Germany. Her recent work focusses on the changing structures of the contemporary city.



Current Volunteer

                 FATIH MAHITAPOGLU

                                  Electrical Engineer

                                  Spring 2017

                                  Summer 2018





Former Volunteer

                 MARILYN CAMERON

                                  MSc Health, Community and Development

                                  Spring 2017



Dr. Abdolhossein Abdollahi

Member of Advisory Board

and Consultant in

Social Psychology, USA

- Adjunct Professor of Psycholoy at The University of Texas at El Paso

- Ph.D. in Psychology

- M.A. in Psychology (exceptional)

- B.A. in Psychology (clinical)

Abdolhossein Abdollahi is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Psychology with research interests in human memory, decision making, psychological trauma, existential fears, conflict and peace. In addition to being on the editorial boards of a number of important behavioural journals, Abdolhossein has 20 years of academic experience across three continents. He was recognized as a rising star by the 'Observer' in 2009. He is a member of the 'Social Psychological Network'.

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