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Can't concentrate!

Aren't productive?

Can't work?

Feel BORED?!

Feel TIRED?!

Feel Uncomfortable?!


Don't know why?

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To identify design issues and redesign your space with a

scientific approach, just for you!




Why is it important?


Scientific experiments in environmental psychology prove

that the environmental characteristics of a space can affect

individuals at three different levels:



At a psychological level:


Stress, distraction, lack of attention, aggression, mental fatigue, depression, negative




At a physiological level:


High heart rate, high blood pressure, shortness of breath



At a social level:


Decreased self-attachment and sense of belonging, as well as decreased

effectiveness in professional interactions and an increase in feelings of being under

threat and lacking control.



Your health and wellbeing matters!


A Customized Happy Healthy Environment for YOU !


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